Our Material World

At Jekyll and Hide we are all about the future.

We are excited by it. We are invested in it. And we are doing everything we can to contribute to a sustainable tomorrow. As a company that produces high quality leather wallets, leather bags and leather accessories, we are extremely conscious of the materials we source.

Genuine leather is also very durable and extremely strong.

A timeless, natural material, it lasts decades if treated properly. We all have those leather items in our wardrobe that have been there forever, leather boots or leather jackets that just don’t need replacing. Quality leather has been used by humankind for thousands of years, and has not impacted the earth nearly as much as plastic has in just over a hundred.

And the truth is, we are no fans of plastic.

We have removed excess plastic packaging from all Jekyll and Hide products, and have developed product lining from recycled plastic bottles for a number of our ranges. Produced and approved by the Global Recycle Standard, this endeavour has, to date, diverted over 200,000 plastic bottles from landfills and the ocean.

For those of you who want a product that is not 100% leather, we have also introduced additional canvas elements to our ranges. These are just some of the new and exciting ways we are ensuring that our products and processes are more sustainable. It’s all in line with our drive to develop a more circular product cycle with a recycling system that discards old product sustainably. Because by doing this now, we are doing right for our future..

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