Behind the scenes at Jekyll & Hide - a great customer story!

We thought we would take you for a behind the scenes tour.


Our leather defines Jekyll and Hide and makes us who we are. Certain of our leather can take many months to perfect.  A lot of people don't know that a particular kind of leather can outlast other fabrics by many, many years. We use only full hide, naturally tanned skins and not only will they last for many years, they will in fact look better as they age.

We recently received a wonderful story from one of our customers.

"The bag has covered more than 855,000 miles on 563 flights with me since I bought it in Stellenbosch in 2012. That works out to just a bit over 34 times around the world, or 1.37 million kilometers :)"



RFID protection - now in all of our bags and wallets.

Did you know that your contactless card identity can be stolen electronically from your wallet or purse, allowing your card to be cloned in a matter of seconds. Protect yourself from electronic pickpocketing. RFID-blocking  will increase the security of your RFID-embedded cards. Now available in all of our bags and wallets. This is the ultimate blend of enduring quality, intuitive design and secure, future-proof innovation.

 A great example of one of our brand new bags that are RFID protected is the Montana 4-wheel carry on case - explore it here.